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As ghostwriters, we meet with you and come up with a plan. You will have as much or as little involvement in the process as you wish.

We will work with you to create a book that meets the needs of your specific readership. We bring your vision to life, and eventually into print, for those readers.

We will take you through a number of questions up front so that you will have a totally focused book.

We will get a really good feel of who your audience is, and what your ultimate goal is for writing this book. What is the effect you want to create? Who are  your readers? How do you plan to reach your audience?

What is the nature of your book? Is this a humorous memoir? A hard-hitting business book? What is the reading level of your target audience? Do you want the language to be academic or plain talk? (Either way, we will write your book with extreme clarity, since that is our standard.)

Will you need footnotes or an index? Do you have someone to write a foreword? Will photos need to be tracked down? These are not part of the writing job, but they should be confronted early so they don't delay publication.

How much research will be needed? Who will do it? As we ask you these and other questions, we will

 develop a "scope of work" assessment and share it with you.

Once all these specifications are fully nailed down, we will use our expertise to help you organize your thoughts fully and come up with a complete outline. Then we will write the book.

The interviewing process will be indispensable. We are expert interviewers, and will capture and use your words as much as possible. Whatever skills you have as a communicator will be engaged, and enhanced, as your story unfolds. Your "voice" on the page will be faithful to your style of communicating.

You will review a substantial writing sample to confirm that the tone and substance are exactly as you envisioned. After that, we will provide content for feedback at intervals specified in the contract.

The final product will be edited and proofread to a high polish, ready for design and typesetting.

We can also offer those services, plus marketing services, plus getting your book printed, if desired. Or you can take your book to any designer or vendor of your choice, and we will gladly work with them.

If all this sounds intriguing, and you're beginning to see that your book really is feasible, let's talk.

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