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Every book that comes our way is completely unique, but what they all have in common is that they expanded the author's network. As our authors have become known, their worlds have grown.

And every project has been unique. One book came to us as stories in a 3-ring binder with photos on a thumb drive. One book came as a box of 26 classbooks to be consolidated into one. One book started as an Internet forum (which we made into a book which became a best-seller). Another book was a moving memoir that arrived only through the interview process. One of our authors made a book out of 25 years of giving seminars. In his case, we have also made CD binders with workbooks, and seminar binders.

Always, though, it is someone's passion to get what they have to say, or what they have experienced, onto the page, and into the hands of others—to get their legacy into print so others can benefit. A printed book can provide closure and relief. It can be the vehicle for expansion of a business. It can be an important family history, created as a gift to the next generation. It can be the documentation of a lifetime of expertise that will enlighten generations to come.

Whatever its nature, and whatever its purpose, a high-quality, finished book is a great source of pleasure and satisfaction. We're still partial to the printed book, but we also create eBook editions upon request, preserving the design as much as the medium allows.

Here is a sampling of some of our projects. When you are ready for us to look at your project, let's talk.

Chasing Ghosts

Walter Kurilchyk brought us a manuscript about a cooperative American-Soviet Search to recover lost aviation history: an American B-25 bomber captured in Soviet territory during World War II, and a Russian plane lost while making a polar crossing. Kurilchyk financed and headed the painstaking search for the decades-lost Russian plane in the subarctic wastes.

The facts of the story were compelling, but the narrative seemed hopelessly buried in academic prose. Alan rewrote every line, bringing to life the mystery, excitement and disappointments of Kurilchyk's quest.

Illustrated with over 85 photographs and maps, the book was Maggy's design from start to finish, complete with foiled lettering and dust jacket.

Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days

This is the book that popularized the Master Cleanse for the general public.

Peter Glickman has personally coached thousands of people on the Master Cleanse and has run the largest Master Cleanse forum on the Internet. He realized that there was a huge demand for the information on his forum. He came to us for our help. We carried out his instructions to compile the forum into a book, which we then edited and designed.

This book became a best-seller, has gone through two more editions, and been translated into eight languages. The book has sold well over 100,000 copies.

We have worked with Peter on two others books and a CD.

PEO Solution

Here is a book which represents a lifetime of research and discoveries — one man's passion to help and where that passion led him. Brian Peskin documented his journey to find natural solutions to conquering cancer, diabetes and heart disease, and his discovery of the correct ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 oils.

Our task was to help organize the parts of the book, and then do substantive editing to smooth out the language and make it totally accessible — to turn a technical subject into a quick read.

We took this book from rough manuscript to print, including design.

We have worked on a number of projects with Brian, including a diet book, a cook book, numerous articles and a patent application.


Nobody Can Tell Me No

Dear Maggy,

I want to thank you for your expert help with my mother’s art book, Nobody Can Tell Me No.

Your interest in the book and appreciation for my mother’s art inspired me to make the book more interesting to the reader. Your questions and comments inspired me to write more about my mother’s life, and your suggestions to include a rhythm of biography, her poetry and personal photographs with her art really worked well. This gave the reader a much broader & richer view of my mother’s life. Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin. I had challenges to face and and deadlines to meet in the process of creating the book. I never felt alone; you stuck with me until the end.

Sincerely, Anita Welch

(Note: We took this book from rough manuscript to print, including design.)


The Natural Laws of Management

Author Arte Maren has a world of expertise in the area of management, and 30 years of giving management seminars, literally around the world. We have helped him with many projects, including his seminal book, The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale, which has been translated into five languages (with eight more in progress) and sold 6000 copies, largely in hardcover.

We have also worked with Arte on two 4-CD seminar binders with workbooks, an audio book of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale, and a personal book of poetry.

Arte is a prime example of a person who has put his business expertise into numerous forms of media, including the printed work, CDs and video.


We were very honored one day to get a visit from two distinguished gentlemen, who had gone through pilot training together at a primary flight training school in Visalia, California during WWII.

They brought a very interesting project to us: 26 class books, each one completely unique in style,  each one documenting the next consecutive 11-week school that graduated a new crop of very brave, very able men who were now considered ready to fight the War wherever they were sent.

Our task was to compile these 26 books into one book that told the full story with the best examples of writing, art, poetry and photos.

The final product was presented at Sequoia and Rankin Field Reunion in Visalia.

We took this entire book from inception to print, including design.

The Unrelenting Test of War

This memoir came to light though the interview process. Maggy had a chance conversation with a man who had quite a story to tell – a story that most people do not get to hear.

War makes heroes out of common people who are faced with uncommon challenges. Murray Anderson is just such a man. This is his story, which Maggy captured on tape, transcribed and edited. Murray then hand-wrote 50 more pages, which were sorted into the story as appropriate.

The book was a cathartic conclusion to 50 years of nightmares that proceeded from the tragedies that are always the back story of war. After Murray finished this book, the nightmares, literally, came to an end.

This is the power of a memoir.

We took this book from inception to print, including design.



Flight of Remembrance, A World War II Memoir of Love and Survival

This book was brought to us by a person with a unique family history: her father's family was on the wrong side of the war in Germany, caught in the impossible situation of living in a land with a leader hell-bent on a destructive path, with all healthy men being conscripted, and no way to get out.

This is a story of how they walked that thin line of survival, how they dealt with the constant ethical dilemma of compromise, and how they kept their families together through the war and through its aftermath.

Our part in this book was to work closely with its author, Marina Dutzmann Kirsch, through three complete edits. Kirsch, a designer, then took the book from there. It has sold _______ copies at this point.

A Florida Pioneer

Rebecca Weiss, a amazing artist in her own right, has a wealth of material to write about when it comes to her family.

She bought to us a manuscript accompanied by numerous corroborating documents and photos that told the unique story of her great uncle, Josef Henschen, who in the 1871 took a permanent break from his medical studies in Sweden to recruit and bring over to Florida a large contingency of Swedish laborers. He stayed for sixty years, helped finance the Orange Belt Railroad, and gave the city of St. Petersburg, Florida its name.

We edited and designed both the cover and the interior of this book.

We have also done a second book for Rebecca, a memoir of her unusual upbringing and adventures in Europe, and her evolution to the artist that she is now.




Connecting: It's All About Feedback

Dorothy Lenz, an expert in surveying and lead generation, has a passion for business education.

Our first project with Dorothy was to edit, design and create her ebook. We then created the collateral marketing materials for her business, including business cards and stationery. Finally, we created a business website that offers not only her ebook, but a series of business courses she has created for a specific niche market that she has developed.

This puts Dorothy on the map as the expert that she is, and allows her to continue to create and service her growing clientele.

Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery: A Personal Recovery Workbook

This book was written by a man who, with the dedication and help of his wife, devised and implemented an exercise routine to take himself from incapacitated with a stroke, to fully recovered and back to work.

This is the sort of incredibly valuable information that not only deserves, but demands to be shared.  He hired our colleague, Daveda Lamont, to help him ghostwrite the book, and us to fully compile and design the many forms that went into the book, as well as the logo and the cover.




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