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What do you have in your favor as a business person who wants to write a book?

1) You can communicate.

2) You can sell.

3) You have ideas others consider valuable.

If any of these things weren’t true, you would be fine as an employee-for-life, not the successful (or budding) entrepreneur that you are.

What do we have in our favor as ghostwriters who will help evolve your ideas into a book?

First, we will not only interview you, but we will interview your successful clients, and let them tell your story. We know what it takes to make that successful call, and create the safe space that will allow a story to unfold.

The enthusiastic ones will build your case studies far more effectively than you would, because you’re too humble to brag the way they will. Now you’ve really got something to say—and you didn’t even have to say it!

As we build a volume of case studies, we will analyze them to develop the points you want to make in the opening chapters.

Second, we will discover the key differentiator between you and the competition. This is your distinctive viewpoint and your qualifications to attack the subject matter from a new angle. We will find this key differentiator—and it is there to be found.

Two advantages we will bring to you.

First, we will manage your book project, step-by-step, and drive it through to completion, just as you  most likely have driven your own large projects through to a success.

Your book itself will be organized as well as any well-designed business. It will be extremely easy to navigate, to get from Point A to Point B. It will make sense, and take the reader on the journey you want them to go on.

Second, we keep your book the length it needs to be, no more, no less. That’s good news for you because we charge by the word or page.

We're going to trim the fat off your steak before we weigh it for you.

Whether it is long or short, full of illustrations, photos and graphics, or minimalist, it will be clear, inviting text that says you really have to say.

For example, would you rather read an 80-page book that delivers clear value in every paragraph, or the same book pumped up to 200 pages with filler copy?

Consider that your Kindle book of 80 pages can look every bit as awesome as the “Portable MBA." And once the book gets to the design stage, graphics, fonts and layout can make a big deal out of fewer words.

We will give you a quality book that will establish your credibility as the expert that you are.

Let’s discuss this.

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