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In the mid 1990's, we formed Words & Pictures Press, to satisfy our desire to give a vehicle to others who had something important to say. We have watched and participated in the many changes in the publishing world over the last couple of decades, and celebrate the fact that publishing has become feasible to anyone with the drive and the juice to see a project through from beginning to end, to anyone who has or can acquire the personal resources to self-fund, to anyone who operates in life with at least a fairly cooperative spirit, and to anyone who can read, write and follow instructions. This isn't everyone, but if all this rings a bell, let's talk.






A journalistic background helps make a good interviewer for ghostwriting projects.

Maggy's father and mine were both career journalists and pioneers in some aspect of their craft. I wrote my first press releases when I was 12, and edited Dad's weekly column from that point till I graduated from high school. I contributed music reviews on rock bands that were touring then: Pink Floyd, Chicago, the Mothers of Invention.

All the while, I was a dedicated science and math nerd. Choosing my educational path would have been a slam-dunk if we ignored my passion for good books: not just reading them, but bringing them into being. That passion won out in the end. I spent decades in marketing and middle management positions, but never stopped pursuing the drive to get words into print.

My formal education was in science, but I'm self-taught in the craft of writing, and I have read thousands of good books, studying technique as I went. I am a fortunate combination of someone who can quickly grasp just about any technical subject, and then write about it in a totally accessible and interesting way.

Over 20 books and screenplays have benefited from my editorial touch, and I have, for years, maintained happy business clients for whom I have ghostwritten newsletters, articles and sales scripts.

If you have a project that will benefit from our skills, let's talk.


Daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of journalists, I created my first book when I was ten years old. By now I have worked in one capacity or another on approximately 100 books.

I was raised to love the English language, found my grammar books oddly fascinating, and proved myself early on by winning state and national writing contests.

I have been active in most aspects of publishing services throughout the constantly evolving  world of modern publishing.

I am able to consult and guide new authors so that they will have a book that meets top standards for publishing, including all standard parts of a book, plus copyright, ISBN and bar code requirements.

I also design book covers and book interiors, as well as all the marketing products needed for book promotion, such as fliers, point-of-purchase signs, business cards, postcards, email blasts (which go to opt-in lists), and author websites.

As for the ghostwriting process itself, I have a strong interest in the person in front of me, can ask the right questions, and get your story into print.

If you have a project that will benefit from our skills, let's talk.


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