Tell the world who you are.


Let us write the book you are dreaming about.

You have expertise and experience. You are ready to establish yourself or reinforce your position as a top expert in your field. You passionately want to get your message into the hands of people who will benefit.

You don’t have the time to write. Or writing simply isn’t your area of expertise.

The good news is that we have a tried-and-true    Plan B, and it could be the perfect solution for you.

We are ghostwriters.

Are you willing to share your expertise or your experiences with an expert interviewer? Can you make yourself available—by phone or in person—over a period of time with an expert writer who can help to develop your story and your voice?

We are skilled in capturing your message in a manner that is easily grasped and easily applied. We are passionate about creating a lively style, in your voice, that grabs attention and keeps it. We write with clarity, truth, and interest.


We can take your years of experience and organize the information into a carefully crafted book that will position you as the expert that you are.

A book is a key achievement in building your career, taking it to an entirely new level, celebrating your accomplishments, providing expertise to others, or establishing your place in history.

Whatever your motivation for getting your words into print, let us be the ones to get you there.

We have been in the publishing world since 1995 and have worked on many books in various capacities. We make our living as writers and marketers, so we are very oriented toward finding out who your reader is and delivering the product that will make them want to read your book, and then have a good experience with your book.

We offer a happy marriage of marketing know-how and writing mastery. We will work with you to deliver a product that creates the effect you want to create.

Contact us and let’s discuss your project.


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